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50 Barmiest Bible Stories

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A prophet who became a bear's lunch, a king with a whopping 1,000 wives to keep happy, a bunch of rebels who were zapped by fire from heaven ... plenty of totally pretty barmy things happened in Bible times!

In this book you'll find fifty of the barmiest! Although the Bible is full of really exciting stuff, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. That's why Andy Robb has done the hard work for you, selecting and retelling in his own zany style some of the best-known bits. Among the collection you'll find the stories of how the universe got kicked off, the adventures of the Israelites through the wilderness, what the good and bad kings of Israel got up to and God's mission accomplished, sending Jesus to earth. Each story has a cliffhanger ending - and a Bible passage to look up to find out what happened next. All this plus some whacky, colourful cartoons - what more could you want?

Ready to be bamboozled? Jump in!