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Bless My Little Boy

Bless My Little Boy

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Created especially for little boys, these gentle lullabies of love and blessing will buture and soothe mother and baby during nap time, play time or anytime in between.

CD Track Listing

01. Itty Bitty Baby Boy
02. Peek-A-Boo Baby
03. Drip Drop
04. Sweet Baby Boy
05. Lullabye Baby-O

06. Faith Hope And Love
07. One Day

08. Sons Are A Heritage
09. Song Of Dedication
10. Bless My Son

11. Goodnight To Today
12. Share With Teddy Bear

13. Goodnight World
14. Jesus Was A Little Boy

15. Time
16. Train Up This Child
17. With Total Trust / 'Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus
18. Jesus Gentle Shepherd
19. Lullabye Lullabye (Theme from Dvorak's "New World Symphony"
20. Dream Dream Dream