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Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life

Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life (DVD Album)

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When dealing with any problem in life, you need to get to the root. Watch this DVD album by Joseph Prince and discover why there is a deeper root to many of our problems — condemnation! It results in stress, fear and death, and is not something you can overcome by your self-effort. But there’s good news! God has already destroyed it by the power of Jesus’ finished work. Once you receive His gift of no condemnation, you will have the power to break out of the cycle of defeat and experience the abundant life that Jesus died to give you!

This DVD album contains 4-DVD Album (4 sermons — approx. total duration: 5hr 38mins)

Disc 1: Condemnation Kills (Approx. 1hr 34min)
Disc 2: The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Condemnation (Approx. 1hr 20min)
Disc 3: When You Are Under Condemnation, God’s Favour Cannot Flow (Approx. 1hr 11min)
Disc 4: God Is Not On The Frequency Of Condemnation (Approx. 1hr 33min)