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Glorious Grace –100 Daily Readings from Grace Revolution

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Let God's Grace Gloriously change your life from the inside out!

Experience the grace revolution firsthand today!  

Through one hundred bite-size but powerful daily inspirations, begin to step out of hopelessness, insecurity, and defeat into a life of boldness, peace, and power.

Each daily reading offers:

Today’s Scripture: A faith-fueling Scripture to anchor your heart on the certainty of God’s love and grace toward you.

Today’s Excerpt: A key nugget of truth about God’s amazing grace that will usher His peace, liberty, and restoration into your life.

Today’s Thought: An uplifting, powerful, and liberating thought for the day to focus your mind on God’s goodness toward you.

Today’s Prayer: A heartfelt and powerful prayer that expresses the intimacy your heavenly Father wants you to have with Him.

Today’s Reflection: An opportunity to write your thoughts, meditations, and reflections about who you are and what you have in Christ today.