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Grace & Favour Seminar – Live @ Hillsong Australia (CD Album)

Grace & Favour Seminar – Live @ Hillsong Australia (CD Album)

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If there's a phrase to describe this phenomenon that's rocking the Christian world, it's "the gospel revolution"! Listen to this series of radically powerful messages from the landmark Grace & Favour Seminar at Hillsong Australia. They came. They heard. And they couldn't stop talking about it! One person said, "The voice that comes to condemn has been silenced." Another wrote: "After the seminar, I feel like a whole new person, knowing that God loves me and that I just need to receive all that Jesus has for me... it's just mind blowing." Hear Joseph Prince preach the gospel of grace for yourself and discover what it truly means to walk in divine grace and favour.

This CD album contains the following CDs:
1. Boast Of The Lord's Love For You, Not Your Love For Him (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 28min)
2. Receive The Abundance Of Grace And Righteousness, And Reign As Kings! (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 24min)
3. Peace For Your Conscience Based On The Sure Work Of Jesus (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 22min)