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The Grace Leadership Series

Grace Leadership Series (DVD Album)

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In this practical leadership resource, get God’s wisdom on how you can lead and inspire others in the Spirit of grace and achieve God-kind of results! Learn how you can walk in effective grace-based leadership in this series of five powerful messages by Joseph Prince. Discover how you can:

  • Build stability into your life and ministry
  • Represent and present God’s heart accurately
  • Have a heart for the King of kings
  • Shepherd God’s flock like the Good Shepherd
  • Follow God’s leading and make wise decisions

Whether it’s your ministry or family, begin to rise up as a godly leader full of the Lord’s wisdom, grace, and anointing!

This DVD Album contains 5 sermons with 5 DVDs (Approx. total duration: 6hr 17min)

Disc 1: Grace-Based Leadership–Building Your Life & Ministry On The Gospel (Approx. 1hr 22min)

Disc 2: Unveiling A God Of Grace─Leadership Truths From Moses' Mistake (Approx. 1hr 25min)

Disc 3: Having A Heart For The King (Approx. 1hr 16min)

Disc 4: Secrets Of Leadership From The Shepherd King (Approx. 1hr 16min)

Disc 5: Follow The Anointing Within And Rise Up In Godly Leadership (Approx. 58min)