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Health & Wholeness Through The Holy Communion

Health & Wholeness Through The Holy Communion (DVD Album)

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Get the Bible’s secret to living healthy and whole today! Join Joseph Prince as he reveals how the covenant meal is God’s “delivery system” of His divine promises of health and wholeness. Once you know the significance of the Holy Communion and its elements, you will be able to partake in full understanding and expectation of the health- and life-giving benefits that Jesus died to bestow upon you. The messages in this DVD box set will not only help answer your questions about this important meal, but also give you a new boldness to approach the Lord’s table any time and receive the miracle you need!

This DVD Album contains 5 sermons (Approx. total duration: 6hr 3min)

Disc 1: Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion (Approx. 1hr 22min)
Disc 2: The Health-Giving Power Of the Holy Communion (Approx. 1hr 3min)
Disc 3: God's Delivery System — The Covenant Meal (Approx. 1hr 27min)
Disc 4: Supernatural Health Through The Roasted Lamb (Approx. 1hr 2min)
Disc 5: Discerning The Lord's Body Makes A Difference To Your Health (Approx. 1hr 9min)