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Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less (DVD Album)

Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less (DVD Album)

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Robust health. Loving relationships. A life of purpose and fulfillment. These are just some of God’s best blessings for you, His child, and He doesn’t want you settling for less! In this faith-building sermon series, you’ll discover how you can begin to experience every single promise that Jesus paid for at the cross. Begin to live out days of heaven on earth when you:

  • Destroy the enemy’s strongholds in your life and walk in God’s plans and purposes.
  • Rid yourself from the labels of disqualification and receive what’s yours in Christ.
  • Avoid costly pitfalls that will compromise your peace, well-being, and health.
  • Cultivate a spirit of bold faith to ask God for big things.

Beloved, God’s heart is to bless you with more than you can ask or imagine. Will you say “yes” to receiving all His promises for you today?

This album contains 4 sermons—approx. total duration: 4hr 54min:

  1. Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less (approx. duration: 1hr 4min)
  2. The Key To Robust Faith (approx. duration: 1hr 7min)
  3. Boldness To Inherit Every Blessing (approx. duration: 1hr 6min)
  4. Say “Yes!” To All His Promises (approx. duration: 1hr 37min)