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It's Time to Share Boardbook

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Parents want their children to have good manners. We all want our youngsters to learn to say thank you and share with others. The BaZooples® range contain adorable illustrations, quirky characters and fun rhymes that will make instilling good manners in your child a breeze.

Join Gertrude the sweet giraffe, Elsie the bashful elephant and the other BaZoople friends as they go on fun-filled ad­ven­tures, and learn positive habits for life. In It’s Time to Share, little hearts will learn that sharing things like toys and snacks can mean double the fun, because sharing a while can make some­one smile!  

Teach your little ones the true value of saying thank you and sharing what they have with others through these exciting rhyming ad­ven­tures!

  • Ages 0-3 Years