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Kursi (Black Seal) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 400ml by Olea Essence

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Our Kursi variety is pressed from black olives, harvested at their peak ripeness late in the season. We use a blend of European species to achieve a balanced flavor profile. It’s especially popular with chefs for its delicate, subtly-sweet flavor.

Our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed from olives grown on our family farm, is a rich, natural source of antioxidants. We harvest and press our olives on the same day, ensuring a superiorly low acidity level (0.4% max). A lower acidity indicates that the olive fruit has undergone less damage, resulting in a healthier olive oil and a fresher, tastier flavor.

How to use: Not only for salads! This olive oil is also an excellent choice for cooking. We recommend this variety for French and Italian inspired dishes, and recipes that call for a more delicate olive flavor.

Best consumed within one year after opening.