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Let Me Stay & Simply Loving You –  Piano Album CD (Instrumental)

Let Me Stay & Simply Loving You – Piano Album CD (Instrumental)

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緩慢漸進的動人旋律,牽動著每一個聆聽者的心思。 調整我們的呼吸,讓絲絲琴聲帶領我們慢下步伐,走進神的同在裡。 鋼琴演奏雙專輯,悠悠琴聲,化成與神溫柔又深刻的對話。

Piano Album CD 
曲目: LET ME STAY  (Instrumental)

  1. Bow Down
  2. Let Me Stay
  3. In Your Presence
  4. Be Still
  5. Thank You Lord / Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
  6. Here to Worship
  7. Olives That Have Known No Pressure / There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood
  8. My Heavenly Home 

Piano Album CD 曲目: SIMPLY LOVING YOU  (Instrumental)
  1. Simply Loving You
  2. Revive Holiness
  3. My Sweet Jesus
  4. Wings of the Dawn
  5. The Light Of Your Grace
  6. Jesus, My Jesus
  7. Stream Of Praise
  8. I love You, My Lord
  9. Call Upon Your Name
  10. Loved 
  11. Autumn Blessings
  12. Simply Loving Your - Duet