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Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?

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For many girls it starts early. The desire to be perfect. The need for approval. The longing for acceptance and being liked by a lot of people.

In Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, author Kari Kampakis offers advice and guidance for young girls ages 11 to 14 years, who are constantly bombarded with social media and real life pressure to do anything they can to get as many "likes" as possible. Girls today are facing an epidemic of identity crisis issues as they grow up in a world steeped in social media and constant commentary. Getting enough likes, getting enough comments, and getting enough attention from boys and peers both in person and online can become an unhealthy obsession. Kampakis wants to help girls to put aside their identity based on the world and discover their truest God-based identity in Christ.

Topics covered include:

  • Living for God's approval, not human approval;
  • Cultivating a true identity;
  • Using social media wisely;
  • Building a positive reputation online;
  • Spreading kindness, love, and compassion;
  • Distinguishing online friends from real friends;
  • Building deep connections that last;
  • Handling rejection, criticism, and volatile emotions;
  • Activating your Christian faith; and 
  • Making an eternal difference, not a temporary splash.