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Live In Israel – A TBN Special

Live In Israel – A TBN Special (DVD Album)

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Where better to hear the gospel of Christ preached than in the land of Israel! Join Joseph Prince at biblically significant locations in the Holy Land in this historic trip with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Hear him unveil the incredible love of God for you at the beautiful Haas Promenade overlooking the Holy City. Then, travel to the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount and discover afresh the saving grace and finished work of Jesus, the true ark of the covenant. Finally, be part of the grace revolution as Joseph unleashes the amazing beauty and glory of the gospel of grace from where the apostle Paul began his missionary journeys—the scenic Caesarea Maritima. Your itinerary doesn’t end there—check out the Bonus Disc for more! This is one trip you wouldn’t want to miss!

This DVD Box Set contains 4 Sermons & 1 exclusive interview with 4 DVDs (Approx. total duration: 3hr 34min)
Disc 1: God’s Love Unveiled On Mount Moriah (Haas Promenade) (Approx. 42min)
Disc 2: Jesus—The True Ark Of The Covenant (Southern Steps) (Approx. 53min)
Disc 3: Grace Revolution—From Where It All Began (Caesarea Maritima) (Approx. 1hr 6min)

Bonus Disc:
Out Of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light (King Solomon’s Quarry) (Approx. 17min)
Exclusive TBN Interview With Joseph Prince At Haas Promenade (Approx. 36min)