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Live The Let-Go Life! (CD Album)

Live The Let-Go Life! (CD Album)

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The most responsible thing you can do for yourself and your family is to take no care and live the let-go life. When you look to God, and cast your cares and worries to Him, He takes over and you rest. And when you are at rest, when you remain in His peace, you will be able to make God-inspired decisions that will lead you to success, even miracles! That's how God wants you to live every day. He doesn't want you to live like the people of the world, all stressed out by the rat race. He wants you carefree and joyful, at peace and successful, stress-free and healthy!

This CD Album contains 3 sermons in 5 discs (Approx. total duration: 4hr 27min)

  1. Live The Let-Go Life! (2 CDs: Approx. 1hr 39min)
  2. If It's A Miracle You Need, A Miracle You'll Get—If You Remain In Peace (2 CDs: Approx. 1hr 30min)
  3. Becoming Stress-Free And Healthy (1 CD: Approx. 1hr 18min)