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Live The Let-Go Life Study Guide

Live The Let-Go Life Study Guide

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Let Go and Let God’s Supply Flow!

Are you overwhelmed by stress, worry, and anxiety? Then take up this invitation through this Live the Let-Go Life Study Guide to discover how stress can be defeated and driven from your life. Each chapter captures liberating and powerful gospel truths from the revelatory book Live the Let-Go Life and features pertinent questions that will:

  • Ground you in God’s personal and in-depth love for you
  • Help you meditate on His promises to experience His peace and rest
  • Show you how to apply God’s promises to the areas you’re troubled about
  • Equip you with practical tools to develop a lifestyle of resting in the Lord and seeing His supply flow unabated in your life

Whether you use this study guide on your own or in a group setting, you’ll come away from each session filled with hope and faith, and live healthier and happier with God’s aggressive peace guarding your heart and mind!