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Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request

Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request (DVD Album)

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What’s at the top of your must-have list? In this invaluable DVD resource, Joseph Prince reveals the importance of having divine wisdom guiding and guarding us every day. Discover how this wisdom that brings about godly success comes only from the Lord, and be encouraged to know that Jesus Himself is your wisdom today. Learn how to draw on Christ as your wisdom, what having a “hearing heart” means and how you can move in the practical wisdom of God in your decision-making. Take up the Father’s invitation to ask Him for wisdom today, and unlock the door to divine health, longevity and God’s abiding blessings!

This DVD Album contains 3 Sermons with 3 Discs (approx. total duration: 3hr 13min)
Disc 1: Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request (Approx. 1hr 14min)
Disc 2: Wisdom In Having A Hearing Heart And A Multitude Of Counsellors (Approx. 56min)
Disc 3: Wisdom—The Key To True Prosperity (Approx. 1hr 3min)