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NIV Leadership Bible: Leading by The Book, Italian Duo-Tone

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'Reader' to 'Leader' in just 15 minutes a day.

Learn from both ancient and contemporary experts in leadership theory in the NIV Leadership Bible. Offering 52 weeks of practical studies on everyday leadership issues, spend 15 minutes a day to increase your leadership effectiveness, or set aside time to study these principles topically when you need to re-orient yourself to the Bible's timeless wisdom.
In just 15 minutes a day, you'll discover how to improve your leadership skills and relationships by following timeless, biblical leadership principles. Each work week, you'll cover a specific leadership topic.

One week may cover a personal quality such as Courage, Humility, or Vision. Another week may deal with a practical skill like Conflict Management or Systems Thinking. Other topics may relate to interpersonal relationships—Healthy Alliances, Power and Influence, or Servant Leadership.

As you work through key areas of leadership, these 52 weekly studies will help you achieve your full potential as a leader. After all, great leadership is just a matter of time: 15 minutes a day.
This Bible also features

  • The complete text of the best-selling modern-English translation, the New International Version (NIV) Bible
  • Book Introductions that underscore key leadership concepts in every book of the Bible
  • Home Pages and Daily Studies offer 52 weeks of studies on topics important to every leader
  • Study Windows that reinforce your understanding of Biblical leadership throughout the text
  • Character Profiles that show you how the personal attributes and decisions of biblical characters affected their relationships with others
  • Topical Index that directs you to the Bible passages that are most relevant to your specific concerns
  • Character Profile Index
  • Bibliography
  • Page Gilding: Gold
  • Text Size: 9 point