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Right Believing Capsule USB

Right Believing Capsule USB

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This RIGHT BELIEVING USB flash drive is preloaded with 55 essential messages in MP3 by Joseph Prince covering 7 powerful keys:

1. Believe In God’s Love For You
BASK in God’s perfect love for you and live life without fear

2. Learn To See What God Sees
REALIZE who you truly are in Christ by seeing how God really sees you

3. Receive God’s Complete Forgiveness
BELIEVE in God’s total forgiveness and find peace for your conscience

4. Win The Battle For Your Mind
WISE UP to the enemy’s strategy and experience mental wholeness

5. Be Free From Self-Occupation
BREAK OUT of painful self-occupation into liberating Christ-occupation

6. Have A Confident Expectation Of Good
DISCOVER how you can live with hope and expect good each day

7. Find Rest In The Father’s Love
ANCHOR your heart in the Father’s unconditional love for you

BONUS: Power Of Right Believing USA Tour Messages
EXPERIENCE this landmark tour and the power of believing right in the gospel

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