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Secrets Of Divine Provision (DVD Album)

Secrets Of Divine Provision (DVD Album)

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For every situation of lack and insufficiency you may face, expect to see God's goodness and abundance! Joseph Prince reveals why, through God's gift of righteousness, you can experience God's superabundant grace and provision in every area of life. Get ready to walk fully in your inheritance as an heir of the world as you discover what is rightfully yours as a righteous child of God!

This DVD Album contains 2 Sermons with 2 Discs (approx. total duration 2hr 07min)

Disc 1: God's Blessings Wrapped Up In The Provision Of Manna (approx. 1hr 08min)
Disc 2: Righteousness-The Key To Being An Heir Of The World (approx. 59min)