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The Action Bible Guess-It Game

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Can you guess the biblical person, place, or thing? Ready … GO!

If your kids like The Action Bible, they’ll love The Action Bible Guess-It Game. Learning the Bible has never been more easy and fun! Features include:

  • 99 Oversized Cards with 20 clues each that point toward the answer (a person, place or thing from the Bible).
  • Quick Reference Guide so you can find each story in The Action Bible
  • Instruction Card with up to three ways to play
  • Great for traveling or family game night; appropriate for mixed ages.
  • Makes learning about the Bible fun and intriguing
  • Expands youngsters’ Bible knowledge
  • Perfect classroom game
  • For 2 or more players Ages 8+

The Action Bible Guess-It card game is a great tool for generating an excitement for God’s Word in kids of all ages.