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The Love Story Of Ruth

The Love Story Of Ruth (CD Album)

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This is romance, biblical style! Hidden in the unlikely love story of a lowly Moabite widow and a gentleman of great strength and wealth is a beautiful picture of our Lord Jesus' relationship with the church. Through an in-depth exploration of the book of Ruth in this six-CD series, Joseph Prince reveals a love beyond human understanding and one that culminated in glorious redemption. You will not go away untouched by the exceeding love and grace that Jesus has for you after you discover what He has redeemed you from and what your inheritance in Him is today!

This CD Album contains 3 sermons in 6 discs (Approx. total duration: 4hr 27min)
1. Part 1 (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 29min)
2. Part 2 (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 28min)
3. Part 3 (2-CDs: Approx 1hr 30min)