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The Peace Project by Hillsong

The Peace Project by Hillsong

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Christmas is God’s ultimate peace project. God sent Jesus to usher in Shalom, we are all agents of Peace. ‘The Peace Project’ Christmas album is comprised of seven new, vibrant tracks such as ‘Prince of Heaven’, ‘Seasons’ & ‘Peace Upon The Earth’ along with fresh arrangements of five of the most beloved Christmas classics like ‘Hark’, ‘O Holy Night’ & 'Joy To The World’.

Our prayer is that as we enjoy the festivities of the season, that our worship may also be felt in some of the most chaotic and dark places on earth. As we celebrate the birth of our Prince of Peace, Jesus.

CD Track Listing

1. Joy To the World
2. Hark
3. Seasons
4. Prince of Heaven
5. O Come All Ye Faithful
6. Noel
7. When I Think Upon Christmas
8. Silent Night (With Saviour King)
9. Arrival
10. Theme of the Eastern Star
11. O Holy Night
12. Peace Upon the Earth