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何等榮美的名+名分祢已赐给我 | Hillsong Worship x 約書亞樂團

何等榮美的名+名分祢已赐给我 | Hillsong Worship x 約書亞樂團

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Hillsong is passionate about creating music that resounds from villages and tribes to great cities and nations drawing people to worship the king of kings. Our prayer is that the Chinese recordings of these songs, through Hillsong in mandarin will be a blessing to individuals and churches alike, as they worship Jesus Christ in spirit & in truth.

Inspired by Hillsong worship’s live praise and worship albums, Who You Say I Am and What A Beautiful Name. This double-CD album, a project recorded in mandarin with Joshua Band (約書亞樂團), strikes the balance of contemplative devotion and powerful declarations of praise for both individuals and congregations alike, equipping and encouraging people to become who they are called to be.

何等榮美的名Track Listing: 

  1. Behold // 看見
  2. Love So Great // 祢愛偉大
  3. Look To The Son // 仰望神兒子
  4. What A Beautiful Name // 何等榮美的名
  5. Grace To Grace // 恩上加恩
  6. Open Heaven/River Wild // 天堂敞開/活水湧流
  7. Faithfulness // 信實
  8. Love On The Line // 奮不顧身的愛
  9. One Thing // 唯一
  10. In God We Trust // 如今我信靠
  11. I Will Boast In Christ // 只憑基督誇口
  12. Heart Like Heaven // 心如天堂
  13. What A Beautiful Name (Acoustic) // 何等榮美的名 (Acoustic版)


名分你已賜給我 Track Listing:

  1. 名分你已賜給我 // Who You Say I Am
  2. 紀念 // Remembrance
  3. 新酒 // New Wine
  4. 我也會(千億次) // So Will I (100 Billion X)
  5. 天堂的感動 // Touch Of Heaven
  6. 安靜 // Be Still
  7. 放手 // Let Go