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Your Teenager Is Not Crazy

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Turn the most frustrating parenting years into the most fruitful
The teenage years. These three words can incite panic in many of us. Will our sweet boy or girl morph into an incomprehensible bundle of hormones and angst? Is trouble inevitable during the adolescent years? What should we expect as our kids grow? According to the latest research, we can anticipate amazing things! To move from panic to peace, however, we need a change of perspective. As we begin to understand the widespread construction taking place in the teenage brain, we can see and relate to our teen in wonderful new ways.   
Conveniently organized by what your teen says--things like I'm boredYou just don't understandWhy are you freaking out?I hate my life, or Hold on, I just have to send this--this book will help you develop a deep compassion for your teen. Rather than seeing the teen years as a time to simply hold on for dear life, Dr. Jeramy and Jerusha Clark show that adolescence can be an amazing season of cultivating creativity, self-awareness, and passion for the things that really matter.

"By bringing together scientific research, compelling stories, practical advice, and spiritual principles, the Clarks equip, encourage, and empower parents to compassionately and wisely navigate their children's adolescent years."--Daniel G. Amen, MD, bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and coauthor of The Daniel Plan
"Your Teenager Is Not Crazy will not only give you confidence and compassion for teens but equip you with practical steps as well. This is a book every parent needs to read."--Sean McDowell, PhD, professor, Biola University; internationally acclaimed speaker; bestselling author of A New Kind of Apologist
"The Clarks offer us a book that embraces a 'teenagers are a wonder to behold' viewpoint. That makes all the difference in the world and is--I would suggest--the most important perspective needed for effective parenting."--Mark Oestreicher, partner, The Youth Cartel; author of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains