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活出得胜生命的关键(一) (10/07/2021) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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// The Key to Living A Victorious Life (Part 1)

Have you ever sometimes experienced the sudden feelings of melancholy and depression? Or do you find yourself getting stuck in negative emotions of jealousy, pride, contempt or even anger or addiction?

Citing biblical verses, Pastor Mark has shown us that once a person believes in Jesus, his spirit man is made alive.  This is our true identity. We are the righteousness of God in Christ. God sees us in three parts, namely soul, spirit and body. So when negative emotions arise, recognize that this is the work of the flesh and not the real you. We cannot overcome the weaknesses of our flesh by our own efforts. It is at this moment that we must quickly turn our eyes on Jesus and not allow our emotions to take control.  Rather, we should allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Know your identity in Christ which is : We are righteous in Christ. Our sins have been set free because of Jesus and we have also been set free from all of life’s entanglements.  As we draw close to Jesus, our spiritual life will grow and we can live the victorious Christian life.