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2021 Hazon 异象之年 (二)(16/01/2021) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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Mandarin mp3 Sermon

2021 Hazon异象之年,神要为我们敞开天上的门,给我们看见异象有盼望,相信今年有美好的日子、会有好事发生。 

神要打开我们的心眼,当我们心中看到,外面就看到。 当你持续聆听神的话语,会带给你智慧和启示,因为神的话语 一解开就发出亮光,让你看到异象看到画面。凡你心眼所看到 的美好画面,神都要赐给你和你的后裔(创世记 13:14-15) 。 得救来自于听神的话。当你听信福音的时候,神就在你的生命中行异能、祝福你、医治你。



//  2021—The Year Of Hazon Vision (Part 2)

In this year (2021) of Hazon vision, God wants to open Heaven’s doors for us and give us a hope and a vision.  We believe we will enjoy beautiful days and good things will happen to us this year. 

God wants to enlighten the eyes of our hearts.  What we see in our hearts, it will be manifested from the outside. As you keep on hearing the Word of God, you will experience His wisdom and revelation, for God's Word will be flooded with light as soon as it is unveiled, enabling you to see the vision and the picture. God will make it come to pass for you and your descendants the beautiful picture you see in the eyes of your hearts (Genesis 13:14-15). Salvation comes from listening to the Word of God. When you listen and believe in the gospel, God is working miracles in your life, blessing you, and healing you.

 We are now living in the age of the Cornelius referred to in Chapter 10 of the Acts of The Apostles. And we are told to preach the gospel far and wide. As God has entrusted us with the gospel, let us reach out to our family and friends with the gospel.  This year, we will see many salvations!