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你的医治是祂头等大事 (17/04/2021) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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// Jesus Prioritise Your Healing!

Do you know what is the greatest blessing that our Heavenly Father has bestowed us next to  our salvation? It is our healing! 

The truth of the gospel is that God wants us to prosper in all things and be in health. This is His desire. Through the Lord Jesus’ finished work on the cross, our heavenly Father sees us as holy and righteous. 

God does not only heal us of our physical sickness and pain, but His healing also includes the soundness of our hearts and minds so that we can stay in good health to the glory of God. 

Healing is a gift of God, and it is not something that can be earned by our works. The Church is God's sanctuary, Heaven's gateway, the source of God's abundant provisions and grace., the avenue of God's abundant provisions and grace. This is grace, and Grace is our Lord Jesus Christ. 

When depressive and negative emotions come our way, we should turn our thoughts to realise that the Lord Jesus loves us and is gracious to us. He is our Shepherd, and we shall not be in want. All we have to do is to rest, believe, worship and give thanks, and we will receive our Heavenly Father's healing and blessing.