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怎样让恩典流淌在生活中? (07/06/2020) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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Mandarin mp3 Sermon

恩典下,神的供应是没有停止的。恩典就是供应,恩典就是主耶稣,祂已经显明了(提多书2:11 )





// Let The Grace Of God Flow In Your Life

Under grace, God's provision does not stop. Grace is supply and grace is the Lord Jesus, who has revealed Himself (Titus 2:11). The fruit of grace is prosperity, health and financial abundance. The supply chain that created this fruit is our Lord Jesus Christ.  When you think about things in the world, you are squeezed by the worries of life and the deceitfulness of money, and you can't bear fruit (Matthew 13:22). God wants us to think about the things of heaven which Jesus who loves us deeply has finished for us. When your thought turns to the Lord, your supply chain will not stop, and good things will keep manifesting in your life! Amen!