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最高的休息法 (07/11/2020) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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腓立比书 4:6 教导我们“最高的休息法”,就是把心思意念带回到耶稣面前,借着祷告,祈求和感谢,将一切心事向神倾诉,主很喜悦听,祂会赐你出人意处的平安。





// Highest form of Rest 

Do you find yourself feeling lethargic regardless of whether you have been busy or not?  

No matter how many hours of sleep you have, you still find yourself feeling lethargic? Not being able to keep your mind focused, you can’t help but to imagine things?

Maybe many a times it's not your physical body that's feeling tired, but it's your mind that's feeling tired! 

What's your “heart” thinking? 

Philippians 4:6 teaches us that the "highest form of rest" is to bring our hearts and minds before our Lord Jesus and in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving present our requests to God. And the Lord will be very pleased to hear our prayers and He will grant us a peace which transcends all understanding.

The important thing is to keep God's Word in your heart, and the God of peace will be with you! When you think of whatever that is true, whatever that is noble, whatever that is right, whatever that is pure, whatever that is lovely, whatever that is admirable or anything that is excellent or praiseworthy, you will not let your imagination run wild.

Let us reset our mindset and believe that Jesus has already solved all our problems! We can be rest assured of that!

Let us not worry ourselves but keep ourselves in prayer! We can always be joyful when we know our Lord Jesus.