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春雨恩泽之年 (13/01/2019) (mp3 福建证道) – 马可牧师

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Hokkien mp3 Sermon

2019 年是春雨恩泽之年!神洪大的祝福要在我们生活中各方面入滂沱大雨般降下。我们已经离开埃及,不要再往下看我们自己的努力。让我们改变思维,往上仰望神的恩典、供应,只需要用神的话来撒种,今年必定看到大丰收。


// The Year of The Latter Rain

2019 is the year of the latter rain! God is releasing His blessing like the torrential rain into every area of our life. We had left Egypt and no longer need to keep looking down at our own effort. Let’s renew our mind, look for God’s grace and provision, saw the seeds of God’s word, this year, get ready for a great harvest.