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2021 Hazon 异象之年 (一)(09/01/2021) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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Mandarin mp3 Sermon

2021 Hazon 异象之年!



今年牧师要我们每天祷告以弗所书 1:17-21,在祷告中看到异象,让神将智慧和启示的灵赐给我们,打开我们心中的眼睛,让我们更多认识祂,与祂同行。 



//  2021—Year of Hazon Vision (Part 1) 

This is the theme of the year that God gave us through our Senior Pastor. 

God leads us through visions. The more we listen to the word of the Lord and keep it in our hearts, the more there will be light and images emerging within us. This is the prophetic vision from God. 

This year, our Pastor wants us to pray every day using Ephesians 1:17-21. He wants us to see visions in prayers and to let God give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Let Him open the eyes of our hearts to know Him more and to walk with Him. 

Today, it is not that we change God’s mind or persuade Him, but it is God's word leading us and giving us direction. He first changes our perspective and thinking and from there changes our external environment. What you see in your heart, you will see on the outside. This is because before God blesses you, He always shows you a vision. When we are convinced of the Lord's word and the completion of Christ’s work, we will live out the abundant life!