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你是神用心造的,加油!(23/02/2020) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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// You Are Lovingly Made To Live An Anointed Life!

Beloveds whom God so lovingly created, be anointed! In these supernaturally dark times, actively incline your ears to His Word; be at rest, because Jesus has already won the battle for you. You may feel you are going in circles, but you are actually ascending step by step. You are the righteousness of God, the temple of God and the light and salt of the world. 

In this year of time and space, you will receive His reward. See God’s hands blessing you.  When you choose to believe, He gives you honour and satisfies you with long life!

This year is also the year of the anointing oil. Know that you have been anointed, and set apart for His holiness. Let’s practise the presence of Jesus by talking to Him, the minute you wake up and just before you sleep. Declare: I believe therefore I receive. He loves me, blesses me, and increases my descendants. I am blessed exceedingly, abundantly, above all; all sicknesses must flee from me!