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在困境中神祝福和扩张我境界的祷告 (24/05/2020) (mp3 华语证道) – 马可牧师

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Mandarin mp3 Sermon

耶稣像鹰一样把我们背在祂翅膀上,因着十字架的完工。就像衪使以色列人脱离埃及一般,衪使我们脱离了贫困、痛苦、欺压(出埃及记 19:4)。祂背着我们翱翔在空中盘旋,像走螺旋梯,到更广阔之地。我们若求告主,主必应允我们… 使我们尊贵(诗篇91:15)。像旧约里的雅比斯,神要我们开口祈求:"天父甚愿祢祝福我,扩张我的境界,常与我同在...(历代志上 4:10) 祂看我们是尊贵的,祂必保佑我不遭患难,不受艰苦!


// Prayer for God’s Blessing and Expansion in Times of Trouble

Jesus was like an eagle spreading its wings when He carried us on the cross. Just as how He delivered the children of Israel from Egypt, He delivered us from poverty, pain and oppression (Exo 19:4). He carries us and soar in the sky, as if going up the spiral staircase to a wider place. When we call upon the Lord, He will answer (Psalm 91:15). God want us to call upon Him, like Jabez in the Old Testament. He sees us honourable when we do so, and He will surely keep us from all trouble and pain!