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Accepted, Blessed And Loved—Understanding Your Identity Through A Study Of The High Priest's Garments USB Series

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Get amazing insights into the present-day ministry of Christ in this fascinating study of the high priest’s garments. From the headdress to the ephod to the linen garments, Joseph Prince explains the rich significance behind each piece, including the specific colors and materials used. Be blown away as you see how each detail speaks of Christ’s beauty and perfect finished work, as well as His power and unfailing love for you. Uncover new covenant truths too about the mysterious Urim and Thummim stones. You’ll discover like never before how accepted, blessed, and loved you are by Jesus your High Priest, and what an awesome identity and destiny you have in Him.

This USB flash drive Series consists 6 sermons in mp3 audio and mp4 video formats. Approx. total duration: 7hr 6min

  1. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 1)—As His Thoughts Are, So Are Yours (Approx. 1hr 12min)
  2. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 2)—The Beauty Of Christ In The Colors Of The Ephod (Approx. 1hr 27min)
  3. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 3)—Why Linen Garments (Approx. 1hr 19min)
  4. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 4)—The Blue Robe And The Perfection Of Jesus’ Finished Work (Approx. 51min)
  5. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 5)—Resting On Christ’s Power And His Love (Approx. 55min)
  6. The High Priest’s Garments (Part 6)—New Covenant Truths Hidden In The Urim And Thummim (Approx. 1hr 22min)