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祂如何, 我们亦如何 (As He Is, So Are We) Mandarin – New Creation Worship (digital mp3)

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Even in the midst of all the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding us today, we can remain bold and confident in our identity in Christ. This Chinese album by New Creation Worship contains nine inspired songs anchored in His grace and truth. Let the worship songs usher you into Jesus' presence as His love refreshes you.

Track listing:

1 恩典的旋律
2 避难所
3 奇妙(真实的恩典)
4 美好的事
5 Y H V H (中文版)
6 信靠我主
7 祂如何, 我们亦如何
8 唯有祢
9 让爱改变一切
10 唯有祢 (纯音乐版)
11 让爱改变一切 (纯音乐版)

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