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Finding Hope In Times Of Drought (30 April 2023) (mp3) | Ps Lim Lian Neo

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During the time of Prophet Elijah, Israel experienced a severe drought that lasted three-and-a-half years (1 Kings 17). However, when Elijah prayed, God gathered the clouds and put an end to the drought. Today, if you are going through a dry spell, whether in your work, relationships, finances, or any area of your life, don't lose hope. Even if it seems protracted, know that God's supply is on the way! Tune in to this inspiring message by Pastor Lim Lian Neo as she shares biblical insights on how to grow your faith by hearing the Word of Christ. Discover the power of meditating on the Word, how you can advance from lack to abundance, and why you can confidently expect His blessings to rain upon you through the finished work of Christ Jesus!