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How To Pray And See Results (DVD Album)

How To Pray And See Results (DVD Album)

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Want to experience great results in your prayer life? In this power-packed series, discover how you can pray effective prayers and see your breakthroughs come to pass! Let Joseph Prince show you from Scripture how you can begin to pray accurately and effectively in faith. You’ll discover practical keys that will help you:

  • Come to God freely without the barriers of fear and condemnation.
  • Align yourself with new covenant truths and see your miracle come to pass.
  • Experience healing and health by praying in the divine language of the Spirit.
  • Be bold to step out and pray for others, knowing that God hears your prayers.

Begin to walk in new levels of health, restoration, and answered prayers like never before!

This album contains 3-DVD Album (3 sermons—approx. total duration: 4hr 11min)

  1. How To Pray And See Results (approx. duration: 1hr 22min)
  2. Dare To Pray Bold Prayers (approx. duration: 1hr 19min)
  3. The Prayer That Repairs Your Body (approx. duration: 1hr 29min)