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称義 Justified (Mandarin) – New Creation Worship (digital mp3 album)

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In its traditional form, , the Chinese word for righteousness was written with the character for “sheep”, 羊,over the character for “I” or “me”, . Thus, it can be said that or being righteous meant taking cover under, or “putting on”, a lamb. In the Christian context, that lamb would be Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. And it is the truth that we celebrate in this album.

mp3 Track Listing

01. 爱何等奇妙 Love So Amazing
02. 因祢慈爱比生命更好 
      Your Lovingkindness Is Better Than Life
03. 天堂君王King Of Heaven
04. 称義 Justified

05. 雅比斯的祷告 The Prayer Of Jabez
06. 祢奇妙的爱 I’m Held By Your Love
07. 祢是我力量You Are My Strength
08. 我的心你要称颂耶和华 Bless The Lord O My Soul 
09. 主爱拯救了我 Love Rescued Me (附加 Bonus Track)