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诗篇 91 (2003 经典) Mandarin –  New Creation Worship (digital mp3)

诗篇 91 (2003 经典) Mandarin – New Creation Worship (digital mp3)

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When the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak hit Singapore in 2003, the church was encouraged by the teaching on Psalm 91 by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince. By the grace of God, no regular attendee from our church suffered death from the disease as the supernatural protection of God covered the church.

This song, inspired by the truths found in Psalm 91, became a declarative song of God's protection over our lives. In this season of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak, let this classic song of His timeless truths remind you of Jesus' faithfulness, as we declare:

“No evil, no terror, no arrow, no plague shall ever come near me
For You are my safety, my hiding place
Jesus I trust in You"

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