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The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus (23 June 2013) (mp3) | Rev Reinhard Bonnke

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The Bible refers to the blood of Jesus as “incorruptible”. Why is that so? And why is the redemptive power of His blood effective today even though it was shed more than 2,000 years ago? In this anointed sermon, legendary evangelist Reverend Reinhard Bonnke shows from Scripture how precious Jesus’ blood is and testifies to the wonder-working power of His blood through decades of first-hand experience in the missions field. Delivered with tremendous conviction and peppered with humour, this message will cause you to value and apply the blood of the Lamb like never before. You will be encouraged to discover that Jesus’ shed blood not only cleanses you from every sin — past, present and future, but it also protects you and breaks every yoke of bondage in your life!