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方言—超强祷告带来超级祝福 (5张讲道系列) – 马可牧师 (华文版)

方言—超强祷告带来超级祝福 (5张讲道系列) – 马可牧师 (华文版)

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Tongue–Super Prayer for Great Blessing 5-Sermon CD Bundle by Pastor Mark (Mandarin)

Are you facing health problem and career challenges, or troubled by social issues and news about natural disaster. Looking at all these negativities, what can we do?
Do you know that as sons and daughters of God, our Heavenly Father knew all these, He had prepared a perfect gift for us.

Pastor Mark shared about the various benefits on praying in tongue in this 5-CD series, each of these benefit will bring great blessing into our life! So grab a copy and listen, and start praying with your heart full of faith!