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You Alone I Praise – New Creation Worship (digital mp3 album)

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Birthed from a revelation of our Saviour’s beauty, grace and the perfection of His work on the cross, the songs in this album will invoke Jesus’ presence and surround you with such a palpable sense of His everlasting love. As you worship with these songs and exalt the name of the Lord, you will find your heart filling and lifting with His peace and joy. Jesus alone is worthy of our greatest praise and adoration. So get this album and make His praises heard!

mp3 Track Listing

  1. The Hero In Me
  2. Still Sing
  3. So Grateful
  4. Jesus You're My Everything
  5. You Deserve All Praise
  6. Jesus My Splendour
  7. You Alone I Praise
  8. King Of Heaven
  9. All Glory And All Praise
  10. Your Blood
  11. Heir Of The World
  12. Interlude
  13. My Rest
  14. You've Gone Before Me